Interactive voice for virtual characters

These are not chatbots.

They are virtual entertainers, lively companions, or whatever you choose to make them.


Virtual Entertainer Showcase:

"Storyteller Cafe" voice app on Amazon Alexa

Virtual Entertainers vs. Chatbots

Chatbots respond to customer inquiries, perform tasks, and answer questions.

Virtual entertainers draw you into interactive dramas, tell you about their lives, and ask you to weigh in.


Four faceless characters.jpeg
Echo and muffin

Where to talk to virtual characters

Currently find them through Amazon Alexa on your smart speaker or voice-interactive app.

More platforms to follow!


See who's currently writing voice-interactive dramas for our virtual entertainers.

Explore creating your own virtual entertainers!

Meet The Team

Wayne Richard

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Business, Real Estate, and Technology Entrepreneur. Building voice experiences since 2017.

Amy Stapleton

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Retired from NASA, Amazon Alexa Champion. Designing voice-based story experiences since 2016.

Bryan Bonvallet

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Technical Architect and Cloud Engineer. Building for web, mobile and voice.

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