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Talking virtual characters.

Ask Alexa to "open Storyteller Cafe!"

Or create your own talking interactive characters!

How it Works

Use our Expresso scripting editor.

Easily write an interactive dialogue.

Your character or characters chat with the listener!

Laptop Writing

Join our Author Program to write stories for Storyteller Cafe.

Or use Expresso to script flowing conversations for your chatbot or virtual human.

Featured Authors

Writing Letters

April M. Woodard

You can find April book blogging about her favorite reads on Instagram 


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Ember Casey

Visit Ember at her website, or by following her on Facebook,
Instagram or Twitter.

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Michelle Rene

 For more info, follow Michelle on her websiteFacebook, and Twitter.

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Cheryl Rodgers

Find out more about Cheryl's work at Cozy Mystery Audio.

Meet Our Team

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Wayne Richard

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Business, Real Estate, and Technology Entrepreneur. Building voice experiences since 2017.

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Amy Stapleton

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Retired from NASA, Amazon Alexa Champion. Designing voice-based story experiences since 2016.


Bryan Bonvallet

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Technical Architect and Cloud Engineer. Building for web, mobile and voice.