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"Alexa, open Storyteller Cafe"

At Chatables, we use the interactive voice technology powering Amazon Alexa, coupled with great storytelling, to create a cozy virtual cafe for older adults combatting loneliness.

Storyteller Cafe is a cozy and imaginative place with friends.

Inside Storyteller Cafe you'll find a fully interactive world of four friends who love to chat, laugh, and learn new things.

How it Works

How it Works

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Our virtual characters engage and entertain.

Our friendly virtual cafe characters use interactive voice technology to chat, entertain, and engage the minds of isolated older adults

How they help

Our friendly characters provide mental stimulation to reduce feelings of loneliness and potentially slow mental decline.

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Our mission is to combat social isolation and loneliness among older adults.

Private House

Aging in Place

Ideal for people who spend many hours at home alone and crave mental stimulation.

Apartment Building

Assisted Living

Engage those residents who prefer staying in their rooms, but need interactive entertainment.


Home Care

Offer as a additional benefit to your home care clients to fill in gaps when they are alone.

Chatables partners with other businesses to provide home care companies with a bundle of services and activities tailored to your clients.

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