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Meet the Team

We're on a mission to combat social isolation and loneliness among older adults. For us, it's personal.

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Amy Stapleton  - CEO & Cofounder


Phone: 772-207-1007

Amy has worked in voice and conversational AI since 2016. Her early voice skills on Amazon Alexa won recognition and earned her the coveted distinction of "Alexa Champion" by Amazon. 


Since witnessing how the global pandemic lockdowns and social isolation negatively affected the health of her mother, Amy is focused on the moonshot goal of using talking virtual characters to fill the gap of missing social connections for older adults.

Prior to Chatables, Amy was an IT Manager at NASA with management roles in Enterprise Software Applications. She began her IT career at SAP in Germany while completing a Ph.D. in German Literature and dreaming of becoming a science fiction author. 

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Wayne Richard  - Cofounder & Advisor

Wayne has been interested in voice technologies since the Amazon Echo device entered the market. With a background in the commodities industry as well as real estate, Wayne immediately saw many potential use cases for interactive voice.


After meeting at a voice industry event in the summer of 2019, Wayne and Amy joined forces to create a platform for conversational storytelling. Wayne rolled up his sleeves and built both the backend and voice user interface for Storyteller Cafe. 

Prior to Chatables, Wayne was a licensed real estate broker and before that wore many hats in industry, but always enjoyed getting into the weeds.


Bryan Bonvallet - "Expresso" Architect

Bryan Bonvallet is the architect behind the Chatables Expresso interactive scripting editor. He is a seasoned backend web developer with many talents and an interest in interactive fiction.


Bryan's first job was working on projects for the Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security at MIT Lincoln Lab. He is uniquely positioned to write full stack web platforms to collect, analyze, and present data.  


Bryan and Amy first met through Palm Beach Tech and the 1909 coworking space in downtown West Palm Beach.

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Hayle Wilder - Advisor

Hayle Wilder offers a vast array of fun and engaging activities for older adults. She works with seniors 1-on-1 and also offers in-person and virtual activities for residents of senior communities. Hayle understands how difficult it can be to truly capture and hold the attention of older adults.

Since 2014, Hayle has worked closely with seniors to support their life enrichment across many stages of cognitive abilities. Her work has spanned a range of settings on the central coast of California, including an Adult Day Center, Assisted Living & Memory Care Unit, Independent Living Community, and Skilled Nursing Facility.

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