Chatables Editorial Guidelines

These guidelines pertain to all submissions intended for publication in the Chatables “Storyteller Cafe” voice app. 


If you have any questions about whether your work adheres to these guidelines, we invite you to reach out to us using the contact information available on the Home page of the Chatables website.


All submitted work must:

  • Be written and intended for an adult audience. We are not able to accept any stories that appear to be aimed at children 14 years of age and younger. 

  • Be written with the four cafe characters in mind (Maddison, Alex, Lilly and Collin) so that one or more of these adult voices may realistically “voice” the character(s) in the story.

  • Contain an interaction with the listener at least once every 2 ½ minutes, although more frequent interactions are preferred.

  • Be delivered in the Chatables Expresso writing editor or in Expresso format.


Submissions will be rejected if they contain any of the following:

  • Profanity

  • Descriptions of graphic violence and/or gore

  • Detailed descriptions of sexual encounters

  • Hate speech or remarks that could be construed as offensive or intending to cause offense

  • Reference to or use of copyrighted characters, storylines, or content

  • Other content considered objectionable by the Chatables editorial staff


Preference will be given to submitted works that:

  • Engage the listener by giving them an active and understandable role in the story.

  • Keep episodes generally at between 2 and 6 minutes.

  • Are part of a series, as opposed to one-off standalone stories.

  • Absorb the listener in action that is happening “now, “ as opposed to telling about something that occurred in the past.

  • Use questions that make the listener feel like they are:

    • Having an influence over the events in the story

    • Being drawn into a conflict between one or more characters

    • Being put into a difficult or sticky situation

    • Being heard and rewarded if they answer in a way that makes sense based on the flow of the story

  • Account for the varying accents of the character voices (US English vs. British English) within the context of the story. (Example: If the sheriff of a small town in the United States is speaking with a British accent, the story should explain why).

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