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Writing for Chatables

Notebook and Pen
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April M. Woodard

$200 Cash Prize

"Saving Mr. Mars"

You're a rookie on your first mission to

the red planet and things are about to get weird!

Enjoy this action-packed sci-fi drama where you have an important role to play.

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Cheryl Rodgers

$100 Cash Prize

"Amanda Makes a Decision"

As the chauffeur Bentley, you're privy to private conversations. Drive Amanda around and help her navigate some high stakes decisions about her future.


Ember Casey &

Michelle Rene (Tied)

$50 Cash Prize Each

Ember Casey - "The Curious Corner Bookshop"

Michelle Rene - "The Desperate Husband"

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  • Let us introduce you to a completely new form of interactive story.

  • Listeners use their voice to talk directly to your characters, not to make "choices" that lead to different endings. 

  • You already know how to grab a reader or audience; now learn how to write for virtual talking characters.

  • We provide all the tools you need--just bring your creative imagination! Scroll down to download our writing guides!

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