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Writing for Chatables

  • Are you an adventurous author willing to try new things?

  • Can you imagine creating a fictional character in an exciting situation, who pours their heart out to a listener and engages them in dialogue?

  • Would you like to find new ways to earn money as an author?

We invite you to explore the opportunities for freelance, independent authors at Chatables. 

We publish content specifically crafted to be told by voice/speech-enabled devices. The market for this content is growing and the opportunities are exciting.

The Process

We're the first to admit that crafting "conversational stories" is a challenge. This is a new art form with few examples. But we've been working with pioneering authors to pave the way. 

Want to become one of the pioneers?

  1. Download and read our basic writing guide and sign up for our newsletter (see form below).

  2. Get an Alexa-enabled device, then follow us on social media for news about the launch of our upcoming storytelling experience on Amazon Alexa.

  3. Visit the For Listeners page to download the companion story to our upcoming voice app.

  4. Contact us about getting access to our writing tools!

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