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A New World of Virtual Entertainers! 

  • Do you love to read?

  • Have you explored audio books and podcasts?

  • Are you open to new ways of enjoying stories?


Sounds like you're ready to dive into a brand new type of storytelling! 

Meet Maddison and Alex, your virtual hosts for a cozy interactive story experience on Amazon Alexa. They've both been through a lot over the past year. Join them, along with Lilly and Collin, for entertaining stories and daily updates from the cafe.


Find out more and prepare yourself for their stories by reading our free companion story. Keep scrolling!


The Cafe for Stories

  • Ready to use your smart speaker to enter a virtual cafe willed with fun virtual entertainers? 

  • Are you craving some snackable fiction?

  • Do you want to support indie authors?

Then stay tuned for an invitation to a special cafe, a welcoming virtual space where you can engage with friendly characters and hear them perform stories by contributing authors.

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How to Enable Voice Purchasing on Alexa

There is no direct charge for chatting with the Storyteller Cafe characters and hearing their stories via the Alexa voice app. But all the stories are written by authors who would very much appreciate a reward for their hard work! Rewarding is optional, but encouraged!

When you run out of free promotional coins, you can purchase more. In order to purchase a bag of virtual coins from Amazon to use at Storyteller Cafe, you must have voice purchasing turned on.


This process has been defined by Amazon and is the same for all voice apps offering "in-skill purchases" and for ordering products through Amazon. Any purchase you make through Alexa will be managed through the Amazon account linked to your Alexa device. 

For more details on voice purchasing through Amazon Alexa, please refer to the Amazon documentation

Please turn on voice purchasing in the Alexa app on your phone:


1. At the bottom right, tap "More".

2. Tap "Settings".
3. Tap "Account Settings".
4. Tap "Voice Purchasing".
5. Tap the slide switch for Voice Purchasing.
6. Optional security: Tap "Purchasing Confirmation" to add a voice code to confirm your purchases with Amazon.


Note: If you set up a PIN (voice code), you will need to remember it to successfully purchase coins at Storyteller Cafe.

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