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Announcing the Winners!

Congratulations to the winners of our Fall 2020 writing contest! The winners are:



Ember Casey

“A Taste of Adventure”

Chat with Fantasia about a recent spicy encounter in her chocolate shop.



Richard Mann

“The Cafe Cash”

Talk to Bullseye to hear about his latest strange case, where all the action played out inside Storyteller Cafe.


$50 EACH

Cheryl Rodgers

“Cat People”

A small visitor has a big impact inside

Fantasia's chocolate shop.


Michelle Rene

“Theo and the Magic Wand”

Chat with Fantasia's teenage niece and try to talk her out of doing something very silly!


Congratulations to All the Authors!

The judges were amazed at the variety and quality of the entries.

Writing a compelling conversational story, where the narrator engages the listener with questions, is no simple task. We congratulate all the authors for rising to the challenge!


Coming Soon: Our Next Challenge for Authors

Stay tuned for our next voice-interactive conversational stories writing contest. We plan to announce the details very soon.

The next contest will test your writing creativity even further, but we're confident you will rise to the challenge.

We look forward to your creative ideas!

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