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Armchair Outings

"Alexa, open Armchair Outings!"

We recently launched a brand new interactive voice experience on Amazon Alexa called "Armchair Outings." Join your same friends from Storyteller Cafe--Alex, Madison, Lilly, and Collin--in fun and educational adventures.

What's new and different with Armchair Outings?


If you have an Echo Show device, you'll see images on your screen when you head out on an outing. Now when you visit an interesting building, city, or time from the past, you'll see pictures to enhance the experience.

The images are optimized for the Echo Show 8, but they will work on any Alexa device with a display screen.

2-Person Adventures

Now you can bring along a friend when you go on an outing with Alex and the rest of the crew. Get the map from our Home page and ask for a two-person adventure.

In some of the outings, you and your friend will be challenged to decide which of two stories is true. You'll get 30 seconds to discuss the options before you have to choose.

Better Quiz Elements

Coming very soon are new and improved features to improve the quiz aspects of your outings. You'll be challenged to answer questions along the journey, and you'll find out if you answered correctly or not.

These new quiz features are a great way to test and improve your knowledge. Perhaps you'll feel motivated to go on the outing again, just to see if you remember the correct answers!

More to Come

We continue to enhance and improve the Armchair Outings experience. If you have suggestions, feel free to reach out to me at

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