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Attending the Virtual Chanticleer Authors Conference?

If you're an indie author and you haven't heard about Chanticleer Reviews, where have you been? Head to their website to find out what you've been missing!

Chatables is proud to be a sponsor and a presenter at the upcoming Virtual Chanticleer Authors Conference. This conference has a long and storied tradition, but 2020 has thrown everyone a curveball. This year the conference is going virtual!

The team at Chanticleer Reviews is doing an amazing job planning a virtual conference to bring together its strong author community. So far the program of live Zoom events promises to offer writers a ton of valuable information.

What's great is that the Zoom sessions will be recorded and it's my understanding that registered attendees will be able to watch them later.

We're planning to do three presentations (yes, three!) that present the Chatables view of voice technology, why it can be a huge opportunity for authors, and what we're doing to help authors take advantage of the emerging world of talking devices and Storytelling AI.

To find out more, check out the blog post on Voice Assistants and Voice-Driven Technologies and Publishing.

Join us at the conference. You can find out more and register here!

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