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Contest for Educational Chats

We're excited to announce our latest writing contest for our "Storyteller Cafe" voice app on Amazon Alexa.

This time we're changing things up by asking you to script something different. We're not looking for a role-playing fictional story. Instead, we're looking for a single episode "educational chat."

Find out everything you need to know by looking at our Writing Contests page.

We've found that people really enjoy chatting with the cafe characters about an interesting topic from history, science, or any informational topic. They especially enjoy learning about new things and being challenged.

We add in a quiz element by having one of the characters tell the listener two versions of an historical fact. The listener has to decide which of the two versions is correct.

If you know anyone who might enjoy creating one of these educational chats, please pass on the word.

See the contest page for more information on the deadline and the cash prizes. And don't worry--we'll run another writing contest for role-playing fictional stories again soon!

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