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Enter the Immersive world of Storyteller Cafe

We just opened up our "Storyteller Cafe" voice app to a small private community to get their feedback. We asked the participates to try out our new voice-interactive experience before we make it available to the public.

What is "Storyteller Cafe?"

"Storyteller Cafe" is an imaginary world filled with interesting personalities. While you're at the cafe, you get to chat with the cafe staff and become involved---sometimes even entangled(!)---in their personal stories.

You also get to experience the staff of the cafe as individual performers. The cafe menu consists of a selection of stories, and once you make your pick, the designated performer takes on the role of an interesting personality. Sit back and listen, but be ready to participate as you're dropped into the story and asked to chime in.

"Storyteller Cafe" offers a new and exciting way to immerse yourself in a fictional world. To gain access to this world, you ask Alexa to "open Storyteller Cafe." (Note: the skill is not yet available to the public).

What's the Goal of the Experience?

We humans are social creatures. We enjoy meeting new people, especially those with interesting backgrounds and experiences.

Talking to these people can be entertaining. It can also expand our horizons, open our minds, and even give us the welcome sense that we're connected to others.

The goal of "Storyteller Cafe" is to give you the feeling that you're part of a community of people who appreciate you, and who are always willing to share new and interesting stories.

How Do Authors Participate?

The talented virtual staff of the cafe can perform an infinite number of stories, taking on the personalities of many different characters.

We invite authors to invent characters and write their stories, so they can be performed for the enjoyment of the customers of the cafe. We encourage listeners to leave rewards for authors after they've interacted with a character and story they enjoy.

You can access the resources we've created for authors, which include video tutorials, by going to our For Authors page.

Contact Us For More Info

If you're interested in accessing "Storyteller Cafe" to give us your feedback, or if you want to become a contributing author, feel free to reach out to me at

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