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In-Home Engagement for Home Care Clients

Chatables is excited to announce that we’re working with AIPEX, a solution provider for Alexa for Senior Living, to create a groundbreaking product for Home Care companies to offer to their customers.

The product is a powerful in-home engagement device, which at first glance looks like an ordinary Echo Show–the Alexa-enabled device from Amazon that sports a display. But the product we’re offering with our partners at AIPEX goes far beyond the capabilities of a typical Alexa device.

A New Way to Engage Customers In Their Home

We call this product groundbreaking, because it breaks new ground in the way Home Care companies can engage directly with their customers–right in their homes. As an example, customers who opt for the solution are able to ask Alexa questions related to their home care such as:

  • Which caregiver is coming to help me today?

  • When is my caregiver coming?

  • What are my important reminders?

The Home Care company also has the option to send this information directly to the customer's screen.

Tools to Make Caregivers More Productive

Once inside the customer’s home, caregivers will be able to:

  • Complete EVV check-ins by just talking to Alexa

  • Ask questions about the customers meals and daily routines

After the caregiver leaves, Home Care companies may choose to have Alexa prompt the customer to take a short survey about the caregiver–all via voice.

Manage the Devices of All Your Customers from One Dashboard

The AIPEX solution provides a user-friendly dashboard companies can access to set up devices for their customers and manage the information sent to the devices. As an added benefit, family members can also be given access to the dashboard–just for their loved one– to set up custom content–such as videos showing how to use the parent’s TV remote, which will play when the customer asks Alexa, “how do I use the TV remote?” Family members can also send greeting cards that display on their loved one’s screen.

Provide Easy Access to "Storyteller Cafe"-- Combatting Loneliness with Engaging Cognitive Stimulation & Fun

Best of all, “Storyteller Cafe” is bundled into the offering. While a person is waiting for their caregiver to arrive, or during any gaps in the day or night when they may feel lonely or in the mood for cognitive stimulation, the four virtual characters of Storyteller Cafe are ready to serve. Colorful images on the Alexa display remind the person to ask Alexa to “open Storyteller Cafe” to enjoy interactive entertainment.

If you’d like to learn more, please reach out to me at We can set up a demo and show you a revolutionary way to engage your customers that benefits you both.

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