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IRSC Capstone Program Runs Successful Pilot

Stock photo. Not the actual students from our Capstone team.

Chatables was honored to be included in the Indian River State College's prestigious Capstone business program. The Capstone program recruits students from IRSC's School of Business to apply the academic knowledge they have gained from their bachelor's degree program to real-world situations.

After a rigorous vetting process, Chatables was accepted into the program and assigned a team. We tasked the team with organizing and running a small pilot study of our Storyteller Cafe voice application.

The team targeted a group of adults over the age of 65 to interact with the cafe characters at Storyteller Cafe--from the comfort of their own homes, of course-over a few weeks.

Results of the Pilot

To our delight the results of the pilot study were very positive. All of the participants stated they enjoyed the interactive skits and stories written by our contributing authors. They also indicated they would be likely to interact with the cafe friends from once to several times a week.

Here are a few of our favorite quotes from the study:

I would visit Storyteller Cafe when I am home alone. I might also listen to the stories before bed.
I enjoyed the adventure and action stories but also enjoyed being told and being asked factual questions.
Makes the time go by faster when I'm doing the laundry.

We are grateful to the Capstone team from IRSC for running this pilot study. We look forward to working with more organizations within and beyond the community to bring the virtual characters of Storyteller Cafe to more people who can benefit.

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