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Our Latest Writing Contest Winners!

Congratulations to the winners of our Q1 2021 writing contest! The winners are:



April M. Woodard

"Saving Mr. Mars" - Series & Story

You're a rookie on your first mission to

the red planet and things are about to get weird!

Enjoy this action-packed sci-fi drama where you have an important role to play.




Cheryl Rodgers

“Amanda Makes a Decision” -

Story from the upcoming "Amanda" Series

As the chauffeur Bentley, you're privy to private conversations. Drive Amanda around and help her navigate some high stakes decisions about her future.



$50 EACH

Ember Casey

“The Curious Corner Bookshop”

There's more going on at this little bookshop than meets the eye. Stop in and see if you can help the new proprietor solve a mysterious crime.


Michelle Rene

“The Haunter Fortune Teller” - Series

"The Desperate Husband" - Story

You visit Maria's House of Magic for a reading of tarot cards, but you're soon put to work dealing with fascinating supernatural occurrences. Come for the story, stay for the series!


Congratulations to All the Authors!

The judges noted how much they enjoyed all the entries. They especially enjoyed scenes where more than one character interacted with the listener at the same time.

This was the most difficult writing challenge we've set so far, so we congratulate all the authors for rising to the challenge!


Launch our "Storyteller Cafe" voice app on Alexa!

All the winning stories will be featured in the coming weeks on our "Storyteller Cafe" voice app. If you haven't already had a chance to try it out, we invite you to launch it by saying "Alexa, enable Storyteller Cafe" or simply ny clicking the quick activation link below.

Launch Storyteller Cafe on my Echo

If you've already tried "Storyteller Cafe" we invite you to come back! We continue to make improvements and add new stories.

Contact me directly at if you are interested in writing for us!

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