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Senior Leap Show Appearance

Are you interested in retirement, health, travel and more? Then the Senior Leap Show may be just for you! Hosted by the vibrant and versatile Cenita Johnson, the show covers a variety of topics of interest to women in mid-life and older.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Cenita to talk about what we're building at Chatables. Many of us are not just navigating our lives, but we're acting as caregivers for our aging loved ones too. On this show, we talk about some of the challenges of caregiving. We also discuss the need to keep the brain active and to embrace social connections as we age.

We touch on the use of interactive voice technology and virtual friends to provide cognitively stimulating entertainment for those who spend much of their time alone. I even have a chance to do a short live demo of our "Armchair Outings" application on Alexa!

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