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Updates on our Conversational Story Experience for Voice

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

Since the fall of last year, we’ve been building a new storytelling experience driven by a voice (speech) interface. Several talented authors from the Chanticleer community have joined us for the ride, with each writer contributing a story for our soon-to-be-launched “skill” on the Amazon Alexa platform.

Thanks to Our First Group of Authors!

We're very grateful to Kelly Abell, PJ Devlin, and Janet Shawgo for being our first authors. All three have shown incredible talent and flexibility in crafting "conversational stories" that work within the voice-interactive framework we've envisioned.

Each author wrote a new original story, designed to be told in the first-person by a virtual character, interspersed with conversational questions for the listener. Not an easy challenge! But the results are delightful and we look forward to sharing.

Go to our Authors page to learn more about each writer and see a preview of their stories.

Gearing Up for the Chanticleer Conference and Author Awards

The Chanticleer Authors Conference 2020 is a perfect opportunity for us to share details about what we’re doing and why we think voice interfaces offer a great opportunity for authors. The team at Chanticleer recently announced their intention to move their annual author conference and awards ceremony to an online event.

The team at Chanticleer recently announced their intention to move their annual author conference and awards ceremony to an online event. We’re excited to continue to be a part of the Chanticleer Conference program.

While the actual schedule and content of conference presentations is still in flux, here are some questions that we look forward to addressing.

Questions We Hope to Cover During the Chanticleer Authors Conference

1 - Why Should A “Voice Assistant” Be Telling Your Story?

  • How does voice technology work and what are conversational stories?

  • Why do we believe the audience for this type of storytelling will grow and what does the future market look like?

2 - Amazon Alexa - A New Money Making Platform for Authors?

  • Is it possible for authors to get paid by people who hear their stories on Amazon Alexa?

  • Can authors use this new platform (voice technology) to increase book sales?

  • What is the new conversational storytelling experience that Chatables is building and how might it become a new revenue stream for authors?

3 - Chatables - How and Why We Publish Your Story to Voice Platforms like Amazon Alexa

  • What is it like to craft a conversational story for the Chatables voice experience?

  • How does the editorial process work?

  • What are the challenges and rewards of the process?

If you plan on attending the Chanticleer Authors Conference, we look forward to meeting you in one of our virtual presentations!

If you're interested in what we're doing, feel free to reach out to me or Wayne for more information about how to get involved.

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