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We're In the AARP Agetech Collatorative

We are excited to announce our entry into the AARP Agetech Collaborative. We entered the collaborative after graduating from the AARP Innovations Labs Accelerator Program of Summer 2022 at the beginning of September.

So what was the AARP Innovation Labs Accelerator Program like? It was a wild eight-week ride where we had access to amazing people and tools, including:

  • A dedicated Portfolio Manager

  • Powerful survey tools and paid survey participants

  • 1-on-1 sessions with experts from every field imaginable

  • Ask Me Anything sessions with seasoned entrepreneurs with experience in Agetech

  • 1-on-1 consultations with top team members from the AARP Innovation Labs and AARP Agetech Collaborative

  • A dedicated User Experience professional who offered actionable input on our branding, website, and marketing materials

  • A dedicated Marketing professional who provided us with a go-to-market strategy

Our updated website is only a small reflection of what we learned, and the major strides we made, during the accelerator.

Now that we are officially in the AARP Agetech Collaborative, we look forward to Demo Day and to working with organizations, institutions, test beds, and other founders in the collaborative. Let the fun begin!

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