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We're in the AARP Innovation Labs Accelerator

We are excited to announce that Chatables has been selected to participate in the 2022 summer cohort of the AARP Innovation Labs / Agetech Collaborative Accelerator program!

You can view the official announcement here.

The program is already underway and so far.... wow! The team at AARP Innovation Labs is passionate about helping startups like Chatables turn their ideas and early stage products into powerful solutions to help us all as we age.

It's energizing and inspiring to work with other companies and founders in this space. It's also super helpful to be teamed up with experts in marketing, user design, and design thinking.

As this program continues, you're likely to see updates to our website and messaging. We're also still hard at work on building the new and improved version of our flagship "Storyteller Cafe" interactive voice app (currently referred to as Version 2).

We'll keep you updated as we continue this exciting and important work of bringing engaging virtual friends to isolated older adults.

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