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Winner of our Q2 2021 Writing Contest

Please join us in congratulating Cheryl Rodgers as the First Prize winner of our Q2 2021 writing contest.

First Place

Winning story: "Your Wish Is My Command"

Prize: $200

Cheryl's story "Your Wish Is My Command" is a humorous drama that pits two unsuspecting friends against a mischievous genie. You play "Teri," one of the lead roles. Lilly plays your friend "Vivian."

When you and Vivian stumble across a mysterious lamp on a beach, strange things start to happen. Enjoy the twists and turns of the story as you play along.

Stay tuned for the publication date!

More Interactive Audio Stories by Cheryl Rodgers

We invite you to experience Cheryl Rodgers' award-winning story "Amanda Makes a Decision." This story is currently available in "Storyteller Cafe."

The interactive drama has you playing the role of "Bentley" the chauffeur. Keep your eyes on the road and your ears on the conversations going on in the backseat. You may be surprised what you learn.

"Amanda Makes a Decision" was the second place winner in our Q1 2021 Writing Contest.

Just ask for "Amanda Makes a Decision." Enjoy!

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