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Write a Voice Interactive Story

We're running our second writing contest of 2021. This is a great opportunity to try your hand at creating a new type of story.

Trends in Reading and Enjoying Fiction

These day there are so many ways to enjoy exciting fiction. You can sit back with a print book or listen to an audiobook while on the go. Many people enjoy dipping into quick reads on their mobile device. Amazon recently announced the launch of Kindle Vella to tap into this trend of episodic stories on mobile.

Now you can engage people in a fun interactive experience from their smart speakers, or from the Amazon Alexa app on their phones.

A Brand New Type of Interactive Fiction

At Chatables we're working with talented authors to create a new type of interactive fiction.

When most people think of interactive stories, they imagine experiences where the listener is asked to make choices. Do you take the fork in the road, or continue straight? Do you agree to go on the date, or stay at home and watch TV?

We're not writing these "choose a path" stories. Instead, we're working with authors to create stories that are "acted out" by our four friendly cafe characters (Alex, Maddison, Collin, and Lilly). The listener is an active participant in each story as the drama unfolds.

How do our authors involve the listener without forcing them to make choices? Ask any Alexa device to "open Storyteller Cafe" and experience it for yourself. Have fun chatting with the four virtual friends before and after each story performance.

Cash Prizes and Lots of Help

We're offering generous cash prizes to the top three winners of our writing contest. Since we know this form of writing is still very new, we're happy to offer assistance to any author who requests it.

Just reach out to me directly at and I'll be happy to explain how our Expresso writing editor works. I'm also happy to discuss your story ideas and give you my input on what we're finding works well when it comes to designing a fun interactive experience.

The deadline for entering the contest is May 15, 2021.

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