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Writing Contest with Cash Prizes

We recently announced our fall writing contest with cash prizes for the top three submissions. Here's your chance to try your hand at writing a "conversational story" for our voice assistant experience.

What's a Conversational Story?

We're excited about the possibilities of using voice technology to bring story lovers a new type of entertainment. That's why we're working with authors to pioneer an innovative form of voice-based storytelling.

Conversational stories consist of a virtual character telling a story to one listener via a smart speaker or headset. As the virtual character tells the story, they ask the listener questions and respond based on how the listener answers.

This back and forth "conversation" doesn't change the outcome of the story, but it creates an intimate experience between the character and the human. Virtual characters can even remember the person's previous responses and refer to them later in the story.

Interested in the Contest?

Great! You can get all the details on our current contest by going to the Writing Contests page.

The deadline is set for November 15, 2020 and three cash prizes will be awarded!

Our Goals for This Contest

We have several goals for this contest. Here's an overview:

  • Introduce authors to our Expresso writing editor, specifically designed for crafting conversational stories.

  • Give authors a feel for writing episodes that work within our upcoming Storyteller Cafe voice app experience on Amazon Alexa.

  • Encourage authors to experiment with crafting stories that use one narrator and include compelling questions for the listener.


We hope you'll consider entering the contest. Go to the Writing Contests page for details. If you haven't already done so, we highly recommend signing up for our newsletter. You can do this by going to the For Authors page and filling out the form to download our writing guides.

We also encourage you to join our private Chatables Authors Writing Group on Facebook.

Add don't forget to watch our Expresso Tutorial

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