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They're available anytime of the day or night.

The cafe is a cozy place in your imagination where you join your friends to chat and perform fun stories together.
Become part of the story and engage your mind.

Just Talk to Your Alexa Smart Speaker

"Alexa, open Storyteller Cafe!"

Cafe Staff
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You play a role in the stories!

Latest Cafe Story Menu

The Curious Corner Bookshop.png

There's something mysterious afoot in the little bookshop. See if you can help the new proprietor figure out what's really going on.

Ask for:

"The Curious Corner Bookshop"

Saving Mr Mar.jpg
Sci-Fi & Action

You play the role of "Rookie." You'll be confronted with alien life forms, deception, AI robots, and even ethical dilemmas!

Ask for: 
"Saving Mr. Mars"

"Back to the Red Planet"

"Special Cargo to Mars"

Fortune Teller (1) (1).png

Step into Maria's House of Magic. Even if you're a skeptic you won't want to miss what happens once Maria has consulted her tarot deck.

Ask for:

"The Desperate Husband"

"The Lonely Hermit"

"The Pesky Fairies"

Crimes from the Flying Goose (2) (1).png
Cozy Mystery

 You play the role of the bartender at the Flying Goose Tavern. It's a favorite spot for Game Warden Andy Westwood. But Andy has a problem. A crime wave has hit their sleepy little town and you're right in the middle of the action.


Ask for:

"The Missing Schoolgirl"

"Murder While Fishing"

"Two Dead Turkeys"

Skincare (1).png
Cozy Thriller

Your previous experience in the beauty industry gets you an assignment working on a breakthrough new product. But you soon find yourself in danger and you don't know who to trust.  Have fun with this low-key thriller where you play a lead role.

Ask for: 
"Miracle Cream Deception"

More stories to come!

Role-play Romance

Here's your chance to work behind the counter of a jewelry store. See what happens when two customers enter your store with  very different budgets and expectations.

Ask for:

"A Ring for Every Budget"


This is the first story in the series The Joys of Retail.


Insider Tip #1

Take Control of the Story

Inside any story, say "Alexa, get Alex." Your friend Alex will appear and offer to help you:

  • Restart the episode

  • Restart the entire story

  • Skip the story

  • and more!

Echo Fabric and Coffee.png

Insider Tip #2

Say What You Want

When a character asks you a yes or no question, try saying different things. The system gets smarter over time. Try:

  • I think so

  • She did!

  • I doubt it

  • Probably not

Kidnapped by the Book (2) (1).png

You're a successful mystery author working on your next book. But then you're kidnapped! Don't miss this exciting thriller by April M. Woodard!

Ask for:
"Kidnapped by the Book"

Maud's Circus (1).png
Historical Drama

Join Maud Wagner at the circus, travel through time, and get 3 custom tattoos! All stories based on Michelle Rene's novel "Maud's Circus."

Ask for: 
"Fly Until I Die"

"The Egyptian Princess"
"Special Cargo to Mars"

Amanda Makes a Decision.png

Amanda has started a new chapter in her life. But she's gotten a surprise job offer, and she needs to make a decision.  You can't help but weigh in.

Ask for:
"Amanda Makes a Decision"
The first story in the series "Amanda's Second Act"