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Meet The Four Friends of Storyteller Cafe









They're available anytime of the day or night.

The cafe is a cozy place in your imagination where you join your friends to chat and perform fun stories together.
Become part of the story and engage your mind.

Ask any Alexa device to "open Storyteller Cafe!"

"Alexa, open Storyteller Cafe!"

Cafe Staff
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You play a role in the stories!

Latest Cafe Story Menu

Ask for These Stories by Title

"Mr. Universe"

See if you can unseat the reigning champion of the Mr. Universe bodybuilding competition!

"Whispering Maples"

Fight the evil forces threatening your homeowner's association!

"The Lincoln Memorial"

Test yourself about a fun fact related to the famous national monument.

More stories in this series!

"The Terracotta Army"

Test your knowledge of Chinese history and learn a fun fact.

More stories in this series!

"The Secret Admirer"

Men are fawning all over you! But who is your secret admirer? See if you can solve the mystery.

"Kidnapped by the Book"

You're working on your next bestselling mystery, when you're kidnapped by an escaped convict! Now what?!

"Grace Kelly's Romance"

How much do you really know about Grace Kelly? Chat with Maddison and Alex to find out.

"Insects in Space"

Learn fun facts about the first insects in space and other astronaut animals.

More stories in this series!

"The Missing Schoolgirl"

First story in the "Crimes from the Flying Goose" cozy mystery series.

More in this series!

"Sailboats and Spies"

Do you get sea sick? Well, never mind. Just hope aboard and get swept away in this mystery!

"Skincare is Dirtier Than You Think"

A story of mystery and intrigue! You get to travel to China. See if you can pinpoint the bad guy!

"A Ring for Every Budget"

Play the role of a jeweler and do your best to meet the needs of your interesting clients.


Insider Tip #1

Take Control of the Story

Inside any story, say "Alexa, get Alex." Your friend Alex will appear and offer to help you:

  • Restart the episode

  • Restart the entire story

  • Skip the story

  • and more!

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Insider Tip #2

Say What You Want

When a character asks you a yes or no question, try saying different things. The system gets smarter over time. Try:

  • I think so

  • She did!

  • I doubt it

  • Probably not

More Stories on Our Menu

"The Adventures of You and Vivian" by Cheryl Rodgers

"The Curious Corner Bookshop" by Ember Casey

Saving Mr. Mars - Series by April M. Woodard

"Saving Mr. Mars"

"Back to the Red Planet"

"Special Cargo to Mars" <<-- editor pick!

Sunrise Miami - Series

"Sunrise Miami Part One"

"Sunrise Miami Part Two"

The Haunted Fortune Teller Series - by Michelle Rene

"The Desperate Husband"

"The Lonely Hermit"

"Those Pesky Fairies" <<-- editor pick!

Maud's Circus Series - by Michelle Rene

"Fly Until I Die"

"The Egyptian Princess"

"The Forgotten Name"

"Amanda's Second Act" by Cheryl Rodgers

Fantasia's Chocolate Shop Series

"Fantasia is Hiring"

"Two-Timing Truffle Lover"

"Butter Pecan and Babies"