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Meet the Staff of Storyteller Cafe

Cafe Counter


Alex is one of Maddison's best friends. He left Rustic Falls to pursue an acting career in LA. But now he's back performing at Storyteller Cafe.


Maddison thought she'd be the new owner of a Rustic Falls bookstore. But when the building was sold to lawyers, she opened Storyteller Cafe with her friends instead.


Collin left the UK as a young man to become a cowboy. It didn't quite work out. But he met Lilly, and they stumbled into Rustic Falls and into Storyteller Cafe.


Lilly grew up in the UK and immigrated to the US for work and adventure. Collin got a job building the set for one of her stage productions and the rest is history.

Sample Cafe Menu

Making Coffee

April M. Woodard

Series: Saving Mister Mars


Saving Mister Mars

Back to the Red Planet

Special Cargo to Mars  

You play the role of "Rookie." This is a rising action sci-fi thriller where you play an active role. You'll be confronted with alien life forms, deception, and even ethical dilemmas!


Michelle Rene

Series: The Haunted Fortune Teller


The Desperate Husband

The Lonely Hermit

The Pesky Fairies

If you're open to the supernatural, then step into Maria's House of Magic and let her read your cards. Even if you're a skeptic you won't want to miss out on all the intrigue that happens once Maria has consulted her tarot deck.

Three Teacups

Ember Casey

Series: The Curious Corner Bookshop


The Curious Corner Bookshop

There's something mysterious afoot in the little bookshop. See if you can help the new proprietor figure out what's really going on.

Cooking Eggs

Chatables In-house Authors

Series: Crimes from the Flying Goose


The Missing School Girl

Murder While Fishing

Two Dead Turkeys

You play the role of the bartender at the Flying Goose Tavern. It's a favorite spot for Game Warden Andy Westwood. But Andy has a problem. A crime wave has hit their sleepy little town and you're right in the middle of the action.

Coffee Maker

Kelly Abell

Series: The Family Counselor



You're a family counselor, but a troubled vet walks through your door and you find yourself trying your best to help him. The stakes are high.

Traditional Australian Meat Pies

Richard Mann

Series: FDC Mystery and Romance


Lemongrass Road

The Knockout


These are old-fashioned whodunits, crossed with a touch of romance. Enjoy these romance-tinged mysteries and see if you can solve the cases before the big reveal.

Round Chocolates

Janet Shawgo

Series: An Inconvenience


An Inconvenience

You're in the train to London when the older gentleman across from you starts to chat. It turns out he has quite a story to tell, so make yourself cozy and hear why he's on his way to meet her majesty the Queen.

How to Enable Voice Purchasing on Alexa

You can chat with the virtual characters in the cafe for free and you can hear the first episode of every interactive-story performance at no charge. If you like the story you have the option of spending one or more virtual coins to unlock the entire performance.


Your purchases enable us to keep adding new content to the Storyteller Cafe voice app and pay the authors who write entertaining stories for the cafe characters to perform.  

When you run out of free promotional coins, you can purchase more. In order to purchase a bag of virtual coins from Amazon to use at Storyteller Cafe, you must have voice purchasing turned on.


This process has been defined by Amazon and is the same for all voice apps offering "in-skill purchases" and for ordering products through Amazon. Any purchase you make through Alexa will be managed through the Amazon account linked to your Alexa device. 

For more details on voice purchasing through Amazon Alexa, please refer to the Amazon documentation

Please turn on voice purchasing in the Alexa app on your phone:


1. At the bottom right, tap "More".

2. Tap "Settings".
3. Tap "Account Settings".
4. Tap "Voice Purchasing".
5. Tap the slide switch for Voice Purchasing.
6. Optional security: Tap "Purchasing Confirmation" to add a voice code to confirm your purchases with Amazon.


Note: If you set up a PIN (voice code), you will need to remember it to successfully purchase coins at Storyteller Cafe.


Insider Tip #1

Take Control of the Story

Inside any story, say "Alexa, Help." Your friend Alex will appear and offer to help you:

  • Restart the episode

  • Restart the entire story

  • Skip the story

  • and more!

Echo Fabric and Coffee.png

Insider Tip #2

Say What You Want

When a character asks you a yes or no question, try saying different things. The system gets smarter over time. Try:

  • I think so

  • She did!

  • I doubt it

  • Probably not

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