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"Alexa, open Storyteller Cafe"

Welcome to a cozy place in your imagination, where you can spend time with four entertaining virtual friends.



Our Storyteller Cafe voice app is designed to entertain older adults who spend much of their day alone. The four virtual characters engage the mind and help reduce feelings of loneliness. 

Steps to use Storyteller Cafe


If your loved one or client already has an Amazon Echo device, help them say the magic words: "Alexa, open Storyteller Cafe." If after several seconds you don't hear Alex's voice (one of the 4 cafe characters), try saying: "Alexa, enable Storyteller Cafe." Note that there is nothing to download or install. Just ask Alexa to open (enable) Storyteller Cafe.


Storyteller Cafe is designed as a 1-on-1 experience. When your loved one or client first uses Storyteller Cafe, Alex (one of the 4 cafe characters) will provide a brief introduction and then ask the person to share his or her first name. It's very important that Alex understands the name and repeats it correctly. This is the name the 4 cafe friends will use when they converse with your loved one or client, so it needs to be correct. 

Did Alex Fail to Recognize Your Name Correctly? 

We apologize for the inconvenience! If your preferred name is not found by Amazon in a list they keep, Alex may not be able to recognize your name correctly. But we have a way to fix that!

Please send an email to Amy at and we will respond with instructions for a workaround to make sure the characters say your name correctly.


Alex will invite you to choose between "tasty" trivia and "flavorful" fiction.  After making your selection, Maddison will offer your friend a choice between two different stories. The choices are presented as a "coffee" selection and "tea" selection. Your friend can choose the story they prefer by saying either coffee or tea.


You also have the option of asking Alex for a specific story by telling him the title. When he asks if you would like trivia or fiction, you can say "I'd like to hear "How Grace Kelly Met Her Man," or just "How Grace Kelly Met Her Man." 


As Alex will explain, he and the four virtual friends are not real people. Come back often and he'll share their full story. They invite you to talk naturally and respond to their questions in the same way you would speak to your friends. If for some reason they don't understand, they'll let you know and you can try again. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Alex didn't understand my name and I couldn't continue. What should I do?

Answer: Send Amy an email at and we will respond with instructions for a workaround to make sure the characters say your name correctly. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Question: I missed something the characters said. Can I hear it again?

Answer: Yes. Instead of answering the question, just say something like "please repeat that."


Question: I don't have time to listen to the whole episode. How can I stop the episode and pick up where I left off?

Answer: Anytime you need to stop, interrupt whoever is talking by saying "Alexa" (or whatever "wake word" you use to get the Echo's attention). Once Alexa is listening, say "stop." The next time you return to the cafe, we'll remember where you left off.


Question: I know what story I want to hear. Is there a way for me to ask for the story directly, without having to wait for it to be offered in the menu?

Answer: Yes. When Alex asks you if you want trivia or fiction, just tell him the title of the story you want to hear.

Story and Topic Requests

Send us your story ideas or trivia topic requests

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