Alexa Echo Dot with a cup of tea

"Alexa, open Storyteller Cafe."

A cozy place in your imagination where you go to visit four friends.

Join them in role-playing skits, interactive chats, and humorous tidbits of conversation.



The age of radio.

You listened to the stories.

Couple and Old Radio.jpg
Listener 2.jpg


The age of smart speakers.

You take part in the stories!

How it works.

All you need is any Amazon Alexa device.
Say: "Alexa, open Storyteller Cafe!"

Sit back and chat with your 4 cafe friends.
Problems opening "Storyteller Cafe?" Try this button.

Welcome to Storyteller Cafe.

4 imaginary friends.

Lots of stories.

You're part of the conversation!


Echo Fabric and Coffee.png

The cafe offers a variety of selections.


Join your cafe friends in dramatic skits that keep you thinking!


Hear interesting trivia tidbits and say which ones you think are true.


We can all use a little exercise for our short term memory.


Everybody loves gossip! Come back each day for your daily dose.

A small taste of our menu

Celebrity Trivia

Clark Gable's Big Break.jpg
Clark Gable's Big Break (2).jpg
Clark Gable's Big Break (3).jpg

Drama, Mystery, Romance

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Untitled design (10).jpg
Untitled design (9).jpg

History & Science

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Clark Gable's Big Break (5).jpg
Clark Gable's Big Break (6).jpg

View a sample menu

An apple a day,
keeps the doctor away.

A visit to the cafe,
makes you feel ok!

Tell your grandma or grandpa about Storyteller Cafe.

If you're creative, write interactive skits for them!

Tips for the cafe

We bookmark your spot.

If you need to leave we remember where you left off.

Talk naturally.

The cafe friends will tell you if they don't understand.

Select a story to enjoy.

Select a story from the menu, or say the title of the story you want to hear.

Get Alex for help.

Say "Alexa." Then say "Get Alex."

Tell us what you think!

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