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The Chatables Q1 2021

Writing Contest

Write a Conversational Story Featuring Two Alternating Narrators!

(Somewhere around 2000 - 3000 words)

Deadline for entries is:  February 15, 2021

1st Place - $200

2nd Place - $100

3rd Place - $50

Chatables publishes voice-interactive "conversational stories" in which a virtual character talks to you, the listener,  and you answer back. These stories are currently published in our Storyteller Cafe voice app on Amazon Alexa (coming soon).

We publish stories aimed at grown ups, but with content that is family safe. (A mom should enjoy interacting with the story while preparing dinner without being worried that her child might overhear).

We welcome entries from all authors! To learn more about how to write a conversational story and how to use our tools, please visit our For Authors page to download our writing guides and access our video tutorials.


For this contest, we’re looking for dramatic stories that build over four episodes. Note: A typical episode contains 400 - 750 words. We recommend each episode be told by an alternating character. In other words, come up with an idea where two characters are intertwined in a story, and have them each talk to the listener in alternating episodes.  

Important: Create your own character(s), but each character will have to be performed by one of these 4 adult voices: US Male, US Female, UK Female, UK Male. 


As you create your story, each character will be chatting with the listener one-on-one in alternating episodes. Try having each character confide in the listener, and possibly even use the listener as a go-between in their relationship.


We encourage you to listen to several sample stories. You can access them by title via The Expresso Machine.  (Contact me at amy@chatables.com if you are not registered to use The Expresso Machine voice app).

  • Sunrise Miami - A dramatic romance where Jessica, employed by an art gallery, is sent to get the young artist Jason under contract. Notice how Jessica tells you things she hasn’t shared with Jason, and how Jason asks you to clue him in on what Jessica really thinks about him. They both confide in you and eventually begin to use you as a go-between.


  • The Missing Schoolgirl - A rising action crime drama in which you, the listener, play the role of a bartender. Chat with two different characters, a game warden and a stranger from out of town, who confide in you (but not in each other!) about matters relating to a missing girl. Notice how the two use you as a go-between.

These sample stories use saved responses. This allows you to remember how the listener answered certain questions while talking to one character, so those responses can influence how the other character reacts. Watch our latest Expresso Tutorial to learn how to save responses and recall them later.

Your story must have two narrators (contact us if you wish to have more) and at least 4 episodes. More than 4 episodes are permitted, but we suggest you speak with us prior to submitting your entry. 

A typical episode will have between 400 - 750 words. 

Deadline for entries is:  February 15, 2021

1st Place - $200

2nd Place - $100

3rd Place - $50

To stay up-to-date on the latest helpful tips, be sure to request access to our private Facebook group for Chatables authors

Official Rules

  • No entry fee is required. 

  • Must be 18 or older to enter.

  • Entries must adhere to our editorial guidelines.

  • All entries must be original works by the entrant, in English. 

  • Authors retain the rights to their submissions.

  • To be eligible for a prize in this contest, each entry must be an original rising action story, told across a minimum of 4 episodes, using two alternating narrators.

  • Entries must be written using Expresso (the Chatables writing editor) and submitted in Expresso format (.json).

  • Each entrant may submit no more than one entry to the contest.

  • Each entrant is eligible for only one cash prize.

  • Chatables is under no obligation to publish the author's contest entries.

  • By submitting to the contest, the author grants Chatables LLC the right to publish the story in a voice app experience.

  • Authors whose stories are accepted for publication will be required to sign an Authors Agreement prior to publication. 

  • Entries must be received by amy@chatables.com in Expresso format (.json) by 12:00 a.m. Eastern Time, February 15, 2021.  

  • Three cash prizes will be awarded as follows:

    • 1st Place - $200

    • 2nd Place - $100

    • 3rd Place - $50

  • All judges or members of the Chatables staff are ineligible.

  • The judges' decisions are final.

  • Winners will be notified by email no later than March 15, 2021.

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